Jewelry Parties
Help great style go viral! Host a Trunk Show at your home or office – it’s like your own personal pop-up shop. Or, simply share the style with friends online. Spreading the love is just that fun and easy. Contact us at customerservice@sherrodsistesr.com to set up your jewelry party today!
Benefits of hosting a Jewelry party-- for every $100 earned at each party then the host will recieve 10% off their entire purchase! Hosts can earn up to 50% off their purchase! Plus some free Sherrod Sisters goodies!
$100 earned-- 10% off
$200 earned-- 20% off
$300 earned-- 30% off
$400 earned-- 40% off
$500 earned-- 50% off
We will also help you market your event so that it will be as successful at possible! It's so fun and easy!
Our newest addition to the party scene are birthday parties! Have a million things going on? Well leave the party planning up to us! We will handle it all! Email us for details customerservice@sherrodsisters.com